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WinRunner: Test Director - Test Repositories

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WinRunner: Test Director - Test Repositories

. A separate test repository will be created for each groups project. The test repositories will be created as Common Directories and will be located on a network server (this area should be a shared area where the group stores the rest of their files and documents).
. Initially all test repositories will be created using a Microsoft Access Database. In the future we may change this to SQL Server.
. The path to the network area can not be more than 47 characters (A Test Director restriction).
. The path can not contain any special characters such as $,& -, or %.
. All folders that contain the test repositories should start with TD_ .
. All test repositories should start with TD_ .

Reports - Created automatically by Test Director, this is where it stores results of tests etc.
Tests - This is where the test scripts will reside if use WinRunner also.
GUImap - This is where the GUI map files will reside
Datafile - This is where all data flat files and excel spreadsheets will reside
Docs - This is where copies of documents that pertain to this project will reside Fonts
- This is where a copy of the font groups will reside
Functions - This is where the function library for the project will reside.
. Within Test Director various folders can be created as a way to organize your project and tests. These folders are stored in the database and may or may not be apparent on the file system.
FolderName - Folder for functional regression tests
SubFolder - Sub folder for Specific Window
FolderName - Folder for SC functional regression tests
. It is not recommended to nest the folders more than 3 levels deep.

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