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Test script Directory structure:

Mercury WinRunner FAQ

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Test script Directory structure:

Winrunner recognizes the testscript as a file which is stored as a directory in the Operating system. The script 's TSL code , header information , checklist files , results , expected results etc are stored in these directories for each and every script.
. Do not modify or delete anything inside these directories manually without consulting an expert.
. Try to have scripts, which have lines less than or equal to 500
. While creating multiple scripts make sure they follow the directories and subdirectory structure (ie) Every script is stored in their respective modules under a folder and a main script which call all these scripts in a Parent folder above these scripts.In a nutshell "All the scripts must be organized and should follow an hierarchy ".
. If a module contains more than 2 scripts , a excel file is kept in the respective folder , which gives details of the testscripts and the functionality of these scripts in a short description E.g the excel sheet can contain fields like TestPlan No, Test script No, Description of the Testscript, Status of Last run, Negative or a non-negative test.
. Also make sure that evert script has a text file , which contains the test results of the last run.
. Maintenance of script folder that has unwanted files and results folder must be cleaned periodically.
. Backup of all the scripts (zipped) to be taken either in hard drive, CD-ROM, zip drives etc and kept safely.

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