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How can withwin runner to make single scripts which supports multiple languages?

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How can withwin runner to make single scripts which supports multiple languages?

Actually, you can have scripts that run for different locales.I have a set of scripts that run for Japanese as well as English Locales. Idea is to have objects recorded in GUI Map with a locale independent physical description. This can be achieved in two ways.
1. After recording the object in the GUI Map, inspect the description and ensure that no language specific properties are used. For ex: html_name property for an object of class: html_text_link could be based on the text. You can either remove these language dependent properties if it doesnt really affect your object recognition. If it does affect, you need to find another property for the object that is locale independent. This new property may be something thats already there or you need to create them. This leads to the next option.
2. Have developers assign a locale independent property like 'objname' or something to all objects that you use in your automated scripts. Now, modify your GUI Map description for the particular object to look for this property instead of the standard locale dependent properties recorded by WR (these default properties are in GUI Map Configuration).
You could also use a GUI map for each locale. Prefix the GUI map name with the locale (e.g. jpn_UserWindow.gui and enu_UserWindow.gui) and load the correct map based on the current machine locale. Specifically, you can use the get_lang() function to obtain the current language setting, then load the appropriate GUI map in your init script. Take a look at the sample scripts supplied with WinRunner (for the flight application). I think those scripts are created for both English and Japanese locales.

After taking care of different GUIs for different locales, the script also needs some modification. If you are scripting in English and then moving on to any other language (say Japanese), all the user inputs will be in English. Due to this the script will fail as it is expecting a Japanese input for a JPN language. Instead of using like that, assign all the user inputs to a variable and use the same wherever the script uses it. This variables has to be assigned (may be after the driver script) before you call the script which you want to run. You should have different variable scripts for different languages. Depending on the language you want to run, call the appropriate variable script file. This will help you to run the same script with different locale

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