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For new users, how to use WinRunner to test software applications automately ?

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For new users, how to use WinRunner to test software applications automately ?

A: The following steps may be of help to you when automating tests

  1. MOST IMPORTANT - write a set of manual tests to test your application - you cannot just jump in with WR and expect to produce a set of meaningful tests. Also as you will see from the steps below this set of manual tests will form your plan to tackle automation of your application.
  2. Once you have a set of manual tests look at them and decide which ones you can automate using your current level of expertise. NOTE that there will be tests that are not suitable for automation, either because you can't automate them, or they are just not worth the effort.
  3. Automate the tests selected in step 2 - initially you will use capture/replay using the steps in the manual test, but you will soon see that to produce meaningful and informative tests you need to add additional code to your test eg. use tl_step() to give test results. As this process continues you will soon see that there are operations that you repeatedly do in multiple tests - these are then candidates for user-defined functions and compiled modules
  4. Once you have completed step 3 go back to step 2 and you will find that the knowledge you have gained in step 3 will now allow you to select some more tests that you can do.

If you continue going through this loop you will gradually become more familiar with WR and TSL, in fact you will probably find that eventually you do very little capture/replay and more straight TSL coding.

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