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Test Script Naming

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Test Script Naming

Test type + Project Name + Version Number + Module name + Test script Function .
For example:
Test type = UAT
Project Name = MHE
Version of the Project = 3.2
Module Name = Upload
Function Name = Excel_File
So the entire file name would be UAT_MHE_3.2_Upload_Excel_File
Note & Caution :
. Make sure the entire file name saved is below 255 characters.
. Use the underscore "_" character instead of hyphen "-" or " " character for separation.
. Highly recommended to store the test scripts remotely in a common folder or in the Test director repository , which are accessible and can be accessed by the test team at any time.
. Do not use any special characters on the test script name like "*&^ #@!" etc .,
. In this document - script or test script(TSL) means the same , pls don't get confused

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