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What Is the "@SuiteClasses" Annotation?

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What Is the "@SuiteClasses" Annotation?

"@SuiteClasses" is a class annotation defined in JUnit 4.4 in org.junit.runners.Suite.SuiteClasses. It allows you to define a suite class as described in the previous question.

By the way, the API document of JUnit 4.4 has a major typo for the org.junit.runners.Suite class (Suite.html).

Using Suite as a runner allows you to manually build a suite containing tests from many classes. It is the JUnit 4 equivalent of the JUnit 3.8.x static Test suite() method. To use it, annotate a class with @RunWith(Suite.class) and @SuiteClasses(TestClass1.class, ...). When you run this class, it will run all the tests in all the suite classes.

"@SuiteClasses(TestClass1.class, ...)" should be changed to "@Suite.SuiteClasses({TestClass1.class, ...})".

Someone provided wrong information on build test suite in JUnit 4.4. Do not follow this:

JUnit provides tools to define the suite to be run and to display its results. To run tests and see the results on the console, run:, ...); 

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