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Do You Know the Book "JUnit in Action"?

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Do You Know the Book "JUnit in Action"?

You should know this book. It received some good reviews.

Title: JUnit in Action

Publisher: Manning Publications (October 1, 2003)

Author: Vincent Massol, Ted Husted

Abstract: A guide to unit testing Java applications (including J2EE applications) using the JUnit framework and its extensions, this book provides techniques for solving real-world problems such as unit testing legacy applications, writing real tests for real objects, automating tests, testing in isolation, and unit testing J2EE and database applications. Using a sample-driven approach, various unit testing strategies are covered, such as how to unit test EJBs, database applications, JSPs, and Taglibs. Also addressed are testing strategies using freely available open source frameworks and tools, and how to unit test in isolation with Mock Objects. Testing J2EE applications by running tests from inside the container for performing integration unit tests is discussed, as is how to automate unit testing in automated builds (such as Ant and Maven) for performing continuous integration.


Testing in isolation with mock objects
In-container testing with Cactus
Automated builds with Ant and Maven
Unit testing from within Eclipse
Test Driven Development principles
Unit testing
   Java apps
   DB apps

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