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Can You Write a JUnit Test Case Class in 2 Minutes?

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Can You Write a JUnit Test Case Class in 2 Minutes?

With the simple class,, listed in the previous question, you should be able to write a simple JUnit test case class within 2 minutess. Here is a nice example provided in the article "Writing a JUnit Test in 5 minutes" by Kamal Mettananda with some minor changes. This sample class only works with JUnit 3.8.

package com.parcelhouse.myproj;
import junit.framework.TestCase;
import com.parcelhouse.myproj.Calc; //testing class

public class CalcTest extends TestCase {
     Calc c = null;
     public CalcTest(String name) {

     protected void setUp() throws Exception {
          c = new Calc();

* Test method for 'Calc.add(int, int)'
     public void testAdd() {
          int x = c.add(5,6);
          assertEquals(11, x);

* Test method for 'Calc.multiply(int, int)'
     public void testMultiply() {
          int x = c.multiply(5,6);
          assertEquals(30, x);

     public static void main(String[] args) {

This test case class contains two tests:

  • "testAdd()" - Testing the Calc.add() method. It will fail, because of the error in the
  • "testMultiply()" - Testing the Calc.multiply() method. It will pass.

This test case class also contains the main() method that allows to run both tests by: "java CalcTest". The line is where the trick occurs. The TestRunner runs all the methods in the CalcTest class which has testXXX() signature using reflection.

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