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What Is JUnit TestCase?

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What Is JUnit TestCase?

JUnit TestCase is the base class, junit.framework.TestCase, used in JUnit 3.8 that allows you to create a test case. TestCase class is no longer supported in JUnit 4.4.

A test case defines the fixture to run multiple tests. To define a test case

  • Implement a subclass of TestCase
  • Define instance variables that store the state of the fixture
  • Initialize the fixture state by overriding setUp
  • Clean-up after a test by overriding tearDown

Each test runs in its own fixture so there can be no side effects among test runs. Here is an example:

import junit.framework.*;
// by
public class MathTest extends TestCase {
    protected double fValue1;
    protected double fValue2;

    protected void setUp() {
        fValue1= 2.0;
        fValue2= 3.0;
    public void testAdd() {
        double result= fValue1 + fValue2;
        assertTrue(result == 5.0);

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