What Is "Test Batch Runner"


What Is "Test Batch Runner"?

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Test Batch Runner is tool that enables you to create and maintain test batch files that contains UFT test cases. Once created, selected tests in test batch files can be executed by Test Batch Runner Test Batch Runner is usually install as part of the UFT software package.

The Run Results Viewer contains two panes:

Tests Pane - Contains a list of test cases that you add, remove or select to run.

Output Pane - Displays the run long of the test batch. This includes information on the test run:

  • The test currently running
  • The step that is currently running within a test
  • Errors encountered during the test run
  • The location of the run results.

For more information on Test Batch Runner, see Test Batch Runner Window.


Start "Test Batch Runner"

Using "Test Batch Runner"

Using "Test Batch Runner"

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