Create JMeter Test Result Table


How to create a table in TestMan to load JMeter Test Result?



In order to convert JMeter Test Result into TestMan Test Run data model, you need to create a table in TestMan so JMeter can send test result directly to the database. Or you can load it manually.

Here is the SQL script CreateJMeterTable.sql to create the JMeter Test Result table:

-- CreateJMeterTable.sql

use TestMan; 

create table JMeter_Test_Result (
   timestamp bigint, 
   elapsed int, 
   label varchar(255),
   responsecode smallint,
   responsemessage varchar(40),
   threadname varchar(255),
   datatype varchar(255),
   success varchar(16),
   failuremessage varchar(255),
   bytes int,
   sentbytes int,
   grpthreads smallint,
   allthreads smallint,
   latency int, 
   idletime int,
   connect int,
   tcid int,
   trid bigint, 
   target varchar(255),
   station varchar(40),
   tester varchar(40),
   output varchar(255),
   component varchar(255),
   function varchar(255),
   tcname varchar(255)


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