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User's Guide
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Where to go from here
Viewing graphics
An optimal zoom factor for viewing graphics online is 200%. To enter this
zoom factor, click the
button, then select 200 from the drop-down
list or type in the value.
If you select Help/Online User's Guide, but cannot access the book, go back
to the SilkTest Setup to make sure you install both the online User's Guide
and Acrobat Reader 3.0. If you are missing either component, you will not be
able to bring up the online book.
Where to go from here
Part I, "The Basics"
This rest of this part contains the following chapters:
Chapter 2, "Creating Testplans"
How to work in the QA Organizer environment, use
QA Organizer keywords, and structure a testplan.
Chapter 3, "Enabling Extensions for Applications Under Test"
When and why to enable extensions for applications on
target and host machines.
Chapter 4, "Recording a Test Frame"
How to record, understand the structure of, and modify
window declarations.
Chapter 5, "Designing and Recording Testcases"
How to design and record testcases that verify application
Chapter 6, "Running Tests and Interpreting Results"
How to run testcases and interpret test results.
Chapter 7, "Using the Debugger"
How to use the built-in debugger to uncover problems in
your scripts and in your application.