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<< The Edit Data Entry Style | Setting the InteractionOrder Property >>
<< The Edit Data Entry Style | Setting the InteractionOrder Property >>

Controlling the Interaction Order

Developing and Working with the Application Map
You can specify a required string case for a UI object without assigning a style by
modifying a Shared property.
To specify a required string case using the Shared properties:
1. In the Properties view, expand the Shared properties group.
2. Click the Value field for RequiredStringCase, and then type the required text
in the active text box.
The next time you map this UI object, TestFactory uses only the required string case
you specified as input.
Controlling the Interaction Order for UI Objects
If a window in the AUT contains controls that a user must exercise in an exact order,
you can set the interaction order used during mapping and testing by doing one of
the following:
Set up an interaction object that contains components for the controls, and
arrange the components in the correct order for mapping and testing
(recommended). For information about setting the interaction order for
interaction object components, see Setting the Interaction Order for Components on
page 4-34.
Specify an InteractionOrder property value for the UI objects mapped for the
controls involved in the sequence.
Value field for the RequiredStringCase property
NOTE: If a required string case that you specify for a UI object will expose
unmapped regions of the AUT, then be sure to remap the affected area before you
run Pilots to test the area. Otherwise, a Pilot run in that region encounters
unexpected active windows and generates UAW scripts. For information about
UAW scripts, see Examining Pilot Run Results on page 5-12 and Viewing a UAW
on page 5-19.