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<< The Summary tab | Viewing the Script Outline >>
<< The Summary tab | Viewing the Script Outline >>

Examining Pilot Run Results

Automatically Generating Scripts
Examining Pilot Run Results
The most important Pilot run results are the scripts that your Pilot generates. This
section describes the kinds of scripts a Pilot can generate and how to view all of the
information that they provide.
Pilot Run Folder Contents
After a Pilot run is completed, TestFactory inserts a <Pilot name>-Run-<date time>
folder under the Pilot object in the application map.
The <Pilot name>-Run-<date time> folder can include the following items:
A single best script.
If you specified support scripts for the Pilot run, TestFactory places the support
scripts and the best script in a Test Suite object.
If the Pilot generated script segments that uncovered severe defects, the results
include a Defects Found folder that contains one or more single-segment
defect scripts.
If an unexpected window opens during the Pilot run, the results also include a
UAW (unexpected active window) script.
A single UI script.
NOTE: To keep detailed information about Pilots and scripts, you can take
advantage of the User Properties dialog box. To open the User Properties
dialog box, right-click a Pilot or script object, and then click User Properties
on the shortcut menu.