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<< Reporting a Defect | The Output playback results >>

Viewing a UAW Script

Examining Pilot Run Results
Viewing a UAW Script
During a Pilot run, if a window that TestFactory expects to see does not open, or if
an unmapped window such as an error message box opens instead, then TestFactory
retains the running script segment as a UAW (unexpected active window) script. You
can use a UAW script to trace the steps a Pilot took in the AUT before losing its way,
and then map the unmapped path.
If you are satisfied with the Pilot results, there is no need to review the UAW script.
If you want to analyze a UAW script, click the script object, and then examine the
steps displayed in the Outline tab in the right pane.
If the script steps do not provide the information you need, you can analyze the
UAW script further in Robot. To examine a UAW script in Robot, you must open it
in Robot, set the Robot GUI playback options, play back the script, and then view
the log for the script in the Test Log window of TestManager .
To open a UAW script in Robot:
In the application map, right-click the UAW script object, and then click Open
on the shortcut menu.
To set the GUI playback options and play back the script in Robot:
1. Click Playback Script on the Robot toolbar.
2. Click GUI Options.
NOTE: You can click a defect script and copy the steps on the Outline tab to the
description section of your defect form in ClearQuest.