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<< Path of the executable file | Providing a Missing Password >>

Stop Recording and Generating Scripts

Recording a Single Script in a Session
Stop Recording and Generating Scripts
To stop recording and generate scripts:
1. Click the Stop Recording button on the Session Record floating toolbar.
2. In the Name of the just-recorded script box, type or select a name for the
script that you just finished recording or accept the default name.
Alternatively, to cancel the requests you made since you began recording, click
Ignore just-recorded information. For more information, see Canceling Scripts
During Recording
on page 7-10.
3. Click OK.
The Generating Scripts dialog box displays. This dialog box shows the progress
of automatic script generation. When script generation ends, the message
Completed successfully appears in the status bar, and the OK button is enabled.
During script generation, you might see:
The Missing Password dialog box. For more information about this dialog
box, see Providing a Missing Password on page 7-6.
The Manual Filtering dialog box. For information about this dialog box, see
Choosing the Protocols to Include in a Script on page 7-11.
4. Click OK in the Generating Scripts dialog box. The script that you recorded
appears in the Robot window.
Using the Floating Toolbars
When you begin to record a script, Robot displays a floating toolbar by default. The
Session Record toolbar gives you access to activities you might want to perform
while Robot is hidden from view during recording.
If you click the button on the far right of the Session Record toolbar, you display the
Session Insert toolbar. This toolbar lets you insert features into the script and start
another application during recording.