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<< Stop Recording and Generating Scripts | Skipping One or More Passwords >>
<< Stop Recording and Generating Scripts | Skipping One or More Passwords >>

Providing a Missing Password

Recording Sessions
The following figure shows the Session Record toolbar and the Session Insert
The Session Record and Session Insert toolbars can be enabled for custom
recording. For more information, refer to the Session Recording and Script Generation
Extensibility Reference
If Problems Occur During Script Generation
If problems occur during script generation, the following message appears in the
status bar of the Generating Scripts dialog box:
Completed with warnings and/or errors.
To see the list of errors, click Details. If the text of an error is truncated, do one of
the following:
Double-click the text to see the entire message.
to copy the text to the Clipboard.
Providing a Missing Password
During recording, if you provide a user ID and password required to access the
database, Robot attempts to detect this login information. If Robot detects this login
information, it writes the information to the Authentication Datapool. (During
script playback, TestManager checks the Authentication Datapool whenever an
emulated user needs to provide a valid user ID and password when accessing the
If Robot cannot detect a password that you provided during recording, and it cannot
find a valid password for the associated user ID in the Authentication Datapool,
Robot prompts you to provide the password just before generating the scripts you
Stop recording
Split session into scripts
Open Robot window
Open Session Insert
Start / stop
Start / stop