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<< Matches the expected text | Data Table >>
Lesson 5 Parameterizing Tests
Parameterizing Tests
When you test your applications, you may want to check how the
application performs the same operations with multiple sets of data. For
example, suppose you want to check how your Web site responds to ten
separate sets of data. You could record ten separate tests, each with its own
set of data. Alternatively, you can create Data Table parameters so that your
test runs ten times, each time using a different set of data.
In this lesson you will learn about:
Defining a Data Table Parameter
Adding Parameter Values to a Data Table
Modifying Steps Affected by Parameterization
Running and Analyzing a Parameterized Test
Defining a Data Table Parameter
In the previous lessons, you reserved a flight from New York to San
Francisco. New York is a constant value, which means that New York is the
departure city each time you run the test. In this exercise you will make the
departure city a parameter so that you can use a different departure city for
each test run.