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<< Set the parameterization properties | Locate the text checkpoint >>
<< Set the parameterization properties | Locate the text checkpoint >>
Adding Parameter Values
Lesson 5 Parameterizing Tests
Click OK to close the dialog box. QuickTest adds the departure parameter to
the Data Table as a new column and inserts
New York
in the first row under
it. New York will be the first of several departure cities that QuickTest will
use during test runs of the application.
Note the change in the step's appearance in the Keyword View. Previously,
the step was displayed as
fromPort Select New York
. Now, the step is
displayed as
fromPort Select DataTable("departure", DTGlobalSheet)
. When
you click the Value cell, the following information is displayed, indicating
that the value is parameterized using a Data Table parameter called
Adding Parameter Values to a Data Table
As you saw, QuickTest displays parameter values in the Data Table. In this
section, you will add two more departure cities to the Data Table, so that
QuickTest can test the application with this data.
1 Enter additional cities in the departure column.
Click row 2 in the
column and type
Click row 3 and type
Press Enter.
New column in
Data Table