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<< Adding Parameter Values | Constant box >>
<< Adding Parameter Values | Constant box >>
Locate the text checkpoint
Lesson 5 Parameterizing Tests
2 Save the test.
Select File > Save or click the Save button.
Modifying Steps Affected by Parameterization
After parameterizing one step in a test, other test objects might be affected
when the value of the parameterized step changes. If so, you must modify
the expected values of those objects to match the value resulting from the
parameterized step. In this section, you will modify the text checkpoint so
that when running the test, QuickTest checks for the text that matches the
current departure city.
1 Locate the text checkpoint to modify.
In the Keyword View, expand (+) Welcome: Mercury Tours.
Right-click Flight Confirmation: Mercury and select Checkpoint Properties.
The Text Checkpoint Properties dialog box opens.