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<< Constant box | Application pane >>
Examine the results summary
Lesson 5 Parameterizing Tests
Running and Analyzing a Parameterized Test
You will now run the modified Parameter test. QuickTest will run the test
three times, once for each departure city in the Data Table. Each test run is
called an iteration.
1 Run the Parameter test.
Click Run on the Testing toolbar or choose Test > Run. The Run dialog box
Select New run results folder and accept the default results folder name.
Click OK. When the test run is completed, the Test Results window opens.
2 Examine the results summary.
The Test Results window shows that the second and third iterations of the
test failed, even though the text checkpoint passed in all three iterations.
See below for further information about why the iterations failed.
Iteration 2:
In the results tree, expand (+) Parameter Iteration 2 > Action1 Summary
> Welcome Mercury Tours > Flight Confirmation: Mercury.