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Software development engineer in test Interview Questions ?

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27. Software development engineer in test Interview Questions ?

1) Given a directory which has nested directories and different files, how do you group the text files in a new if we have text files by name abc01.txt, abc02.txt..Etc.You have to check for these kind of files in the whole directory and create a new file by name abc.txt in a new directory and copy the
Contents of all abc*.txt files into that new file.

2) Given an array containing zeros,+ve and -ve numbers, write a function which pushes all the zeros to the end of the array.

3) Write a function which takes a string and a substring as input and which deletes the substring in the main mainstr=abcxyghixy sub=xy result should be mainstr=abcghi

4) Write a function which prints the numbers 1-100 in a serial order without using loops.

5) Given an array of size n,write a function which deletes every mth element in the array till only one element exists in the array and returns that value.

6) Given a string,write a function which removes the duplicates in the string.(Do it in-place)

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