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Software development engineer in test - Interview Questions

Software Design Engineers in Test SDET FAQ

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32. Software development engineer in test - Interview Questions

1. Test the given game---container full of monkeys.Game is to hang the monkeys with each other and put them back on container
2. Come up with BVT's for the above game test cases.
3. Code and test the string reverse function.
4. Given a snippet of c# code identify what the constructor does (base and subclass inheritance concepts and how would it affect calling each others constructors.)
5. Given a complete 12 pages of their live code,I was asked to do code review and come up with feedback about the coding style and what are the best practices it lacked.
6. Code and test atoi function.
7. Usual questions like why do you want to work for Microsoft?
8. Why do you like testing?
9. what would you do when the customer comes up with flaws in the product you tested and how would you fix them?
10. Questions about past experience and questions from projects in the resume

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