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<< Built-In Support for Running Test Scripts | Example of Running a Manual Test Script >>
<< Built-In Support for Running Test Scripts | Example of Running a Manual Test Script >>

Running Manual Test Scripts

Running Manual Test Scripts
Select the test script to run and click
to open the Run Test Script dialog box.
When you click
, TestManager runs the test script on the first available computer in
the list. As the test script runs, you can monitor its progress and then view the results
in the test log.
For information about computers and computer lists, see Defining Agent Computers
and Computer Lists
on page 97
For information about monitoring progress, see Monitoring Test Runs on page 132.
For information about test logs, see About Test Logs on page 155.
When you run a test script, TestManager does not generate test case coverage
results (even if the test script is associated with a test case). To generate test case
results, run the test case instead of the test script. For information, see Running Test
on page 119
Running Manual Test Scripts
You can do the following when you run a manual test script:
Optionally, run a manual test script step by step in a minimized window, which
enables you to see more of the application under test.
Optionally, set a run option to log unchecked steps and verification points as
warnings (in Rational ManualTest, select
Tools > Options
Indicate that you have performed each step.
Click to change the computers
and computer lists that are
available for the test script to
run on.
Click to view or edit the
properties of the selected
computer or computer list.
(This is disabled if Local
computer is selected.)
Click to change the build, log
folder, or log name.