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Commands - Testplan menu
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User's Guide
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Testplan menu
For information on the commands for marking tests, see "Results/Mark
Failures in Plan" on page 507, "T
estplan/Mark" on page 516, "Testplan/Mark
by Query" on page 517, and "Testplan/Mark by Named Query" on page 517.
For general information on marking, see "Marking a testplan" on page 243.
Run/Show Status
Hides or shows the Runtime Status window when running a script, suite,
testcase, or testplan on a target machine other than the host machine.
Available only when the active window contains either a testcase or a results
file in which the current line is a testcase.
Opens the Run Testcase dialog, which displays all the testcases contained in
the current script. You can select a testcase to run or debug. If you select
Debug, SilkTest displays the file in which the testcase resides and enters
debugging mode and places a breakpoint at the first line of the testcase.
Note Debugging mode makes available all the debugging
commands on the Breakpoint, Debug, and View menus.
Testplan menu
The Testplan menu contains the following commands:
Completion Report...
Define Attributes...
Find Next Mark
Go to Script
Insert Template...
Manual Tests...
Mark All
Mark by Named Query