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<< Starting Trap | For information about builds >>

The Sqatrap.log file

Playing Back a GUI Script
The Sqatrap.log file can contain a variety of information about failure events. The
following failure information is always written to Sqatrap.log:
Contents of the stack for the current task
Names of functions that were called just before the error occurred
Contents of CPU registers
Date/Time stamp and Fault Number
Other information can be written to Sqatrap.log depending on settings in the Trap
tab of the GUI Playback Options dialog box.
To see a sample Sqatrap.log file, see Sqatrap.log file in the Robot Help Index.
Playing Back a GUI Script
To play back a GUI script:
1. Prepare for playback by restoring the test environment. (For information, see
Restoring the Test Environment Before Playback on page 9-3.)
2. Set your playback options. You can also set these options after you start playback.
(For instructions, see Setting GUI Playback Options on page 9-4.)
3. Click the Playback Script button on the toolbar.
Select a query to filter
the list of scripts.
Modify a query.
Show names of scripts.
Show details of scripts.
Change GUI playback options.
Change the properties of the
selected script.
Type a name or select
a script from the list.