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<< Executing Test Scripts from Visual Cafe | Generating scenario tests >>
<< Executing Test Scripts from Visual Cafe | Generating scenario tests >>

Using EJB Scenario Tests

Chapter 3 - Testing Enterprise JavaBeans
To execute an RQA Java test script in TestManager:
Start TestManager.
File > Run Test Script > RQA Java Test Scripts
Select the script and click
From the Run Script dialog box, click
For additional information about other ways to run test scripts from TestManager, see
the Rational TestManager User's Guide or the TestManager Help.
Using EJB Scenario Tests to Test Transactions
Scenario tests use Rose interaction diagrams to test transactions. To try out this
feature, you can generate a scenario test for one of the sequence diagrams that are
included with the Rational Bank Account sample application. For example, the
following figure shows the Multiple Correlated sequence diagram that is included
with the sample application
When you generate a scenario test, QualityArchitect prompts you to insert a
verification point for each message in your interaction diagram. To add a database
verification point, you need a database and you need to know the fully qualified path
of your JDBC driver and the JDBC URL, which also includes the name of the database.
For information about setting up the database for the sample application, see The
Rational Bank Account Sample Application
on page 38.