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<< Outline | QuickTest testing process >>
<< Outline | QuickTest testing process >>
Lesson 1 Introducing QuickTest
Introducing QuickTest
In this lesson you will learn about the:
Benefits of Automated Testing
Testing Process
QuickTest Window
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Benefits of Automated Testing
If you have ever tested applications or Web sites manually, you are aware of
the drawbacks. Manual testing is time-consuming and tedious, requiring a
heavy investment in human resources. Worst of all, time constraints often
make it impossible to manually test every feature thoroughly before the
application is released. This leaves you wondering whether serious bugs
have gone undetected.
Automated testing with QuickTest addresses these problems by dramatically
speeding up the testing process. You can create tests that check all aspects of
your application or Web site, and then run these tests every time your site or
application changes.