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<< Action toolbar | Explore the Mercury Tours site >>
<< Action toolbar | Explore the Mercury Tours site >>
Optimizing Browser Settings for Your Test
Lesson 1 Introducing QuickTest
Now that you are familiar with the main QuickTest window, take a few
minutes to explore its components.
Mercury Tours Sample Web Site
Mercury Tours is the sample Web application used throughout this tutorial.
It simulates a Web-based flight information and reservation service. You
should familiarize yourself with this application before starting the tutorial.
Optimizing Browser Settings for Your Test
If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you should clear the
option to use AutoComplete for user names and passwords for the purposes
of this tutorial. This will ensure that all of your operations are accurately
recorded while creating your tests.
To clear the AutoComplete option:
1 In your Internet Explorer's menu bar, choose Tools > Internet Options >
Content tab.
2 Click AutoComplete in the Personal information area. The AutoComplete
Settings dialog box opens.
3 In the Use AutoComplete for area, clear the User names and passwords on
forms option.
4 Click OK to save your changes and close the AutoComplete Settings dialog
box, then click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.
Using the Mercury Tours Web Site for the First Time
Before you begin recording your tests on the Mercury Tours Web site, you
must register as a user.
To run Mercury Tours:
1 Launch the Mercury Tours application.
In your Web browser, type the following URL:
The Mercury Tours home page opens.