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How to generate the graphs in Test Director ?

Introduction To WinRunner Basics

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How to generate the graphs in Test Director ?

Open test director and then click the Analysis you will find three type of graphs
Planning Progress Graphs
Planning Summary Graphs
Defect Age Graph
Click any of one and you can generate the graphs..

The generation of graphs in the Test Director that to Test Lab module is :
1. Analysis
2. Graph
3. Graph Wizard
4.Select the graph type as Summary and click the Next button.
5.Select the show current tests and click the next button.
6.Select the Define a new filter and click the Filter button.
7. Select the test set and click the Ok button.
8.Select the Plan : subject and click the ok button.
9. Select the Plan: Status
10 Select the test set as x- Axis
11. Click the Finish button.

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