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How many types of Text Checkpoints?

Introduction To WinRunner Basics

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How many types of Text Checkpoints?

In Winrunner, four types of Text Checkpoints-
For Objects/Windows
From Screen Area
From Selection (Web Only)
Web text Checkpoints
* Winrunner generates menu_select_item statement whenever you select any menu items.
* Winrunner generates set_window statement whenever you begin working in new window.
* Winrunner generates edit_set statement whenever you enter keyboard inputs.
* Winrunner generates obj_mouse_click statement whenever you click any object through mouse pointer.
* Winrunner generates obj_wait_bitmap or win_wait_bitmap statements whenever you synchronize the script through objects or windows.
* The ddt_open statement opens the table.
* The ddt_close statement closes the table.
* Winrunner inserts a win_get_text or obj_get_text statements in script for checking the text.
* The button_press statement press the buttons.
* Winrunner generates list_item_select statement whenever you want to select any value in drop-down menu.
* We can compare the two files in Winruuner using the file_compare function.
* tl_step statement used to determine whether section of a test pass or fail.
* Call_Close statement close the test when the test is completed

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