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Difference between TD 8.0(Test director) and QC 8.0 (Quality Center).?

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Difference between TD 8.0(Test director) and QC 8.0 (Quality Center).?

The following table highlights the main differences between TestDirector 8.0 and Quality Center 8.0.

TestDirector 8.0
Quality Center 8.0
  • C++
  • IIS
  • COM
  • Back-end is Java based
  • Runs on application servers
Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Solaris
Single server only
Full clustering support
Database Connectivity
  • Requires database client installation
  • ADO interface
  • Does not require database client installation
  • Direct access to a database server using a JDBC type 4 driver
Domain repository (TD_Dir).
Repository divided into two subdirectories:
  • QC directory for default and user-defined domains.
  • SA directory for Site Administrator data
Virtual Directory
Virtual directory name is tdbin
  • Quality Center server virtual directory name is qcbin.
  • Site Administrator server virtual directory name is sabin.
Supported Databases
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
  • Sybase
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle
Site Administrator Data (domains, projects, and users)
Data stored in the doms.mdb file
Data stored in the Site Administrator schema on a database server
Common Settings
Data stored in the file system
Data stored in the database
User Authentication
Windows authentication
LDAP authentication

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