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Web Site Testing Checklist - Usability, Interface and Navigation

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Site Testing Checklist - Usability, Interface and Navigation

? Can the system work effectively for one user, ten users or a thousand?
? Does the home page load quickly?
? Are the instructions on how to use the site clear to the user?
? If you follow each instruction does the expected result occur?
? Is all terminology understandable for all of the site's intended users?
? Is a navigational bar present on every screen?
? Is the navigation bar consistently located?
? Can a user navigate using text only?
? Can a user navigate without the use of a mouse?
? Can your site be used by the visually impaired? Red/Green Color-Blind, less than 20/20 vision, etc.
? Does tabbing work consistently, in a uniform manner?
? Is there a link to home on every single page?
? Is page layout consistent from page to page?
? Is each page organized in an intuitive manner?
? Are graphics used consistently?
? Are graphics optimized for quick downloads?
? Do all the images add value to each page, or do they simply waste bandwidth?
? Are graphics being used the most efficient use of file size?
? Does text wrap properly around pictures/graphics?
? Are all referenced web sites or email addresses hyperlinked?
? Are hyperlink colors standard?
? Does the site look good on 640 x 480, 600x800 etc.?
? Are fonts too small to read (remember not everyone may have the same vision as you)?
? Are fonts too large?
? Is all text properly aligned?
? Are all graphics properly aligned?
? Do pages print legibly without cutting off text?
? Does the site have a site map?
? Does each hyperlink on the map actually exist?
? Are there hyperlinks on the site that are not represented on the map?
? Does each hyperlink work on each page?
? Is content legally correct (i.e. not filler content placed on site by developers during unit testing)?
? Is the page background (color) distraction free?
? Does the Back button work as intended? It should not open a new browser window, redirect you to another site, prevent caching such that the Back navigation requires a fresh trip to the server; all hypertext navigation should be sub-second and this goes double for backtracking
? Does content remain if you need to go back to a previous page, or if you move forward to another new page?
? Can you get to your desired location with 3 or less clicks from the Home Page?
? Are all of the parts of a table or form present? Correctly laid out? Can you confirm that selected texts are in the "right place?
? Are all of the links on a page the same as they were before? Are there new or missing links?
Are there any broken links?
? Does a link bring you to the page it said it would?
? Does the page you are linking to exist?
? Is contact information for the site owner readily visible and available (name, telephone number, email address, mailing address, fax number)?
? If a user wishes to bookmark a page, is the page name easily understandable?
? Does your site's Web address appear in the History list if the user allows for historical page recording?
? Does the status bar on each Web page accurately reflect the progress of page loading, information, etc.?

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