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Screen Validation Checklist - Data Integrity Conditions

Check List for Software Testing

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Screen Validation Checklist - Data Integrity Conditions

  1. Is the data saved when the window is closed by double clicking on the close box?
  2. Check the maximum field lengths to ensure that there are no truncated characters?
  3. Where the database requires a value (other than null) then this should be defaulted into fields. The user must either enter an alternative valid value or leave the default value intact.
  4. Check maximum and minimum field values for numeric fields?
  5. If numeric fields accept negative values can these be stored correctly on the database and does it make sense for the field to accept negative numbers?
  6. If a set of radio buttons represent a fixed set of values such as A, B and C then what happens if a blank value is retrieved from the database? (In some situations rows can be created on the database by other functions which are not screen based and thus the required initial values can be incorrect.)
  7. If a particular set of data is saved to the database check that each value gets saved fully to the database. i.e. Beware of truncation (of strings) and rounding of numeric values.

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