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Check list about General - Navigation

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Check list about General - Navigation

  • Navigation supports user scenarios gathered in the User Task Assessment phase (prior to design).
  • Users can see all levels of navigation leading to any page.
  • Breadcrumb navigation is present (for larger and some smaller sites).
  • Site uses DHTML pop-up to show alternative destinations for that navigation level.
  • Navigation can be easily learned.
  • Navigation is consistently placed and changes in response to rollover or selection.
  • Navigation is available when needed (especially when the user is finished doing something).
  • Supplimental navigation is offered appropriately (links on each page, a site map/index, a search engine).
  • Navigation uses visual hierarchies like movement, color, position, size, etc., to differentiate it from other page elements.
  • Navigation uses precise, descriptive labels in the user's language. Icon navigation is accompanied by text descriptors.
  • Navigation answers: Where am I (relative to site structure); Where have I been (obvious visited links); Where can I go (embedded, structural, and associative links)?
  • Redundant navigation is avoided.

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