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Web Testing Checklist about Performance - Tools

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Testing Checklist about Performance - Tools

1. Are virus detection tools in place?
2. Have the virus data files been updated on a current basis?
3. Are virus updates scheduled?
4. Is a response procedure for virus attacks in place?
5. Are notification of updates to virus files obtained from anti-virus software vendor?
6. Does the security administrator maintain an informational partnership with the anti-virus software vendor?
7. Does the security administrator subscribe to early warning e-mail services? (e.g., or
8. Has a key contact been defined for the notification of a virus presence?
9. Has an automated response been developed to respond to a virus presence?
10. Is the communication & training of virus prevention and response procedures to users adequate?

1. Has a load testing tool been identified?
2. Is the tool compatible with the environment?
3. Has licensing been identified?
4. Have external and internal support been identified?
5. Have employees been trained?

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