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Web Testing Checklist about Performance - Test Environment

Check List for Software Testing

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Web Testing Checklist about Performance - Test Environment

1. Does the test environment exist?
2. Is the environment self-contained?
3. Can one iteration of testing be performed in production?
4. Is a copy of production data available for testing?
5. Are end-users available for testing and analysis?
6. Will the test use virtual users?
7. Does the test environment mirror production?
8. Have the differences documented? (constraints)
9. Is the test available after production?
10. Have version control processes been used to ensure the correct versions of applications and data in the test environment?
11. Have the times been identified when you will receive the test data (globally) time frame?
12. Are there considerations for fail-over recovery? Disaster recovery?
13. Are replacement servers available?
14. Have back-up procedures been written?

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