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Check list about General - Linking

Check List for Software Testing

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Check list about General - Linking

  • Links are underlined.
  • Size of large pages and multi-media files is indicated next to the link, with estimated dowload times.
  • Important links are above the fold.
  • Links to releated information appear at bottom of content or above/near the top.
  • Linked titles make sense out of context.
  • If site requires registration or subscription, provides special URLs for free linking. Indicates the pages are freely linkable, and includes and easy method to discover the URL.
  • If site is running an ad, it links to a page with the relevant content, not the corporate home page.
  • Keeps linked phrases short to aid scanning (2-4 words).
  • Links on meaningful words and phrases. Avoids phrases like, "click here."
  • Includs a brief description of what the user should expect on the linked page. In code:
  • Uses relative links when linking between pages in a site. Uses absolute links to pages on unrelated sites.
  • Uses link titles in the code for IE users (preferably less than 60 characters, no more than 80).

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