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When do the all the customer sign-offs occur?

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When do the all the customer sign-offs occur?

Customer sign-off is continuous. Each iteration has its functional tests. Everyone is fully up to date on which tests are working and which are not. If tests scores are trailing implementation by too much, the customer will inevitably schedule more work against older features that are incorrect (or whose requirements have changed). When test scores are tracking implementation, the customer knows it and is comfortable requesting new functionality.
Because the test scores are public and visible, everyone has the same level of understanding of where quality is. Generally scores are showing a good curve toward release, and everyone gets increasing comfort as the release date shows up. And, of course, if tests are not tracking, everyone knows that and the priority of getting things right naturally increases.
The overall idea of this part of the process is to provide the most rapid feedback possible to everyone, customers and developers alike. That's why we like all the functional test run every night. Next morning, if anything has been broken the day before, everyone knows it and can deal with it effectively (since it was only yesterday's work that could be the problem). The faster the feedback, the faster development of quality software can proceed.

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