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Software Development Models - Waterfall-Model

Software Development Models

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Software Development Models - Waterfall-Model

One of the first models for software development is the so-called waterfall-model. The individual phases i.e. activities, that were defined here are to be found in nearly all models proposed since. In this it was set out that each of the activities in the software development must be completed before the next can begin. A return in the development process was only possible to an immediate previous phase. In the waterfall-model, testing directly follows the implementation. By this model it was suggested that activities for testing could first be started after the implementation. Preparatory tasks for the testing were not clear. A further disadvantage is that testing, as the last activity before release, could be relatively easily shortened or omitted altogether. This, in practice, is unfortunately all too common. In this model, the expense of the removal of faults and defects found is only recognisable through a return to the implementation phase.

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