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How to create a test from a request in your WSDL


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How to create a test from a request in your WSDL

1. Click on the plus sign next to the web service in the navigator to expand.
2. Double click on the request.
3. In the request editor, select Add This Request to TestCase. SoapUI Pro takes the definition of the request and makes a form for you to enter information in. This may be especially useful when doing manual testing or if you want non-technical staff to enter a request.
4. Adding a request to a TestCase will open the Create TestSuite dialog box. Enter a name for your TestSuite and click OK.
5. After clicking OK, you will be asked to create a TestCase. In the Create TestCase dialog, enter a name for your TestCase and click OK.
6. Next, the dialog box Add Request to TestCase will appear. Click OK.
7. SoapUI Pro will now generate a TestSuite and TestCase for you while the request will be added as a TestRequest. Below is a copy of the request that appears in the interface. A TestCase editor will also open with your new TestRequest.

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