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What extensive support are coming from SoapUI for testing WSDL / SOAP based services ?


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What extensive support are coming from SoapUI for testing WSDL / SOAP based services ?

* Easy import of WSDLs and default request generation allows for ad-hoc testing and exploring of services
* Support for commonly used standards like WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-ReliableMessaging, MTOM, etc allow for testing of advanced services and scenarios
* Integrated WS-I compatibility testing tools allow you to validate both your contracts and messages for industry-standard compliance
* The SOAP Request TestStep allows for extensive functional testing and validation of services through a variety of assertion and scripting possibilities * Load testing of SOAP/WSDL Services is supported as a natural extension to SoapUI functional tests
* Service Simulations (“MockServices”) can be instantly created from your WSDL and run inside SoapUI for simulating both simple and complex client behavior
* A graphical front end for generating code with the most popular web service development frameworks is provided, allowing you to easily compared frameworks and their artifacts
* All functional test, load tests and MockServices can easily be run both from inside SoapUI and via included command-line tools.
* WSDL Coverage functionality gives you a unique insight into the coverage of your tests in relationship to the tested contracts; have you tested all elements? Attributes? Etc...
* WSDL Refactoring allows you to automatically update your tests and simulations to be compliant with new versions of your WSDLs
* Advanced editors and wizards in SoapUI Pro make testing and exploring of services easy for non-technical users and testers.

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