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How to Edite a MockService ?


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How to Edite a MockService ?

1. Now, double click on the MockService to see the MockService editor. In the editor we can see a list of all operations for the service, as well as a request and response log which logs all incoming requests that have been handled by the MockService.
2. Double Click on the Conversion Rate Operation to see the MockResponses we have in the MockService
3. As you can see we do only have one, Let's edit it, double click on it to open the Response Editor.
4. The MockResponse editor is very similar to the standard SoapUI Request editor , but instead of requests, we'll edit responses. The Incoming Request view is still very useful; it shows the last received request to the operation which is useful for debugging client calls, including attachments and HTTP headers. Edit the ConversionRateResult to be something else than the default empty value "?".

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