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How to creatw data-driven tests ?


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How to creatw data-driven tests ?

In SoapUI Pro, creating data-driven tests is really easy. A DataSource TestStep is available for reading test-data into standard SoapUI properties from a number of external sources (Excel files, XML properties, JDBC sources, files/directories, etc), these can then be used in following TestSteps (requests, assertions, xpath-queries, scripts, etc,) either via Property-Transfers or standard Property-Expansions. Finally follows a DataSource Loop TestStep which is configured to loop back over the previous TestSteps for each row/record in the DataSource.

What this boils down to is the following setup:
1. DataSource - reads test data into properties from external source
2. TestSteps (any number) - tests service functionality using the DataSource properties made available in (1)
3. DataSource Loop - loops back to (2) for each row in (1)

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