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Getting Started with Security Testing


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Getting Started with Security Testing

1. Create a Functional TestCase (or use an existing one)

2. Add a Security Test
You can see an empty “Security Tests” node in the left tree (see above image), right click it and select the “New SecurityTest” option, this opens the following dialog (if you are using the free version, read further down):

3. Run the Security Test
Run the Test by pressing the green arrow on the top left (make sure the target service is running, in our case this is the MockService), you will see ongoing progress for each TestStep and configured Security Scans in the Security Test window:

4. Analyze the Results
The Security Log at the bottom of the Security Test window shows detailed information on failed Security Scans, click on a Security Scan in the main window and the log will scroll to that Scans entries:

5. Create a Report
Make your managers happy by sending them a report of indicating the immense stability of your services; press the "Create Report" button in the top menu which opens the familiar report preview

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