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Recording HTTP Traffic


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Recording HTTP Traffic

the HTTP Monitor is one of the most overlooked features in soapUI. This nifty feature allows you to monitor, record, analyze and even modify HTTP traffic as it is been transferred between an existing client and server application. It even supports WS-Security and SSL decryption (if you have all the necessary keystores available) for digging into encrypted messages.

The HTTP Monitor is a handy feature in soapUI for capturing and analyzing SOAP traffic going between an existing client and server. It is launched via the right-button menu of a soapUI Project.

In proxy-mode, soapUI acts as a standard HTTP Proxy forwarding messages received from the client to the specified host. The client in its turn must be configured to use soapUI as an HTTP proxy, either via system properties or some other configuration option. This has the advantage of not requiring you to change the actual endpoint the client is using to access the service (usually the proxy can be configured "outside" of your clients environment).

HTTP Tunnel
In tunnel-mode, the client must be configured to send its requests directly to soapUI, which will tunnel the request to the specified target host and return the response back. The advantage is that it does not make use of the HTTP Proxy mechanism (which may not be supported/configurable/etc), and also allows for the possibility to intercept SSL-encrypted traffic.

WS-Security and SSL Support
In either mode you have the possibility to specify an Incoming WSS configuration that will be used to decrypt and/or verify signatures in these messages, either the request coming from the client or the response coming from the server. Adding WS-Security to an outgoing message is not currently possible.

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