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How does soapUI runs a LoadTest for your TestCase ?


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How does soapUI runs a LoadTest for your TestCase ?

When soapUI runs a LoadTest for your TestCase, it internally creates complete copies of the TestCase for each executing Thread. Each thread then runs the TestCase exactly as described above with a number of LoadTest specific additions:

* The context available in the TestCase contains a LoadRunContext property holding the context of the LoadTest. Use this to share data or resources between executing threads in your LoadTest
* LoadTestRunListener events are triggered for TestRunListener counterparts described above, allowing you to create handlers/listeners that operate on a LoadTest level for all running TestCases (or Threads)
* Any TestStep result that leads to the failure of a LoadTest Assertion is never discarded from memory,
* Any TestStep result that does not lead to a LoadTest Assertion failure is always discarded from memory if the "Discard OK Results" option is set

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