OpenID Connect - How to Load Test with JMeter from blazemeter


In this article we will describe how to load test one of the relatively new technologies - OpenID Connect, with Apache JMeter™. OpenID Connect is an add-on for OAuth 2.0, and it defines how OAuth 2.0 should authenticate users. We can explain it with the following expression: Authentication(OpenID) + OAuth 2.0 = OpenID Connect.

With the help of OpenID, some services, for example Disqus, can understand that the user who visited, is a certain Ivan from Google. At the next authentication, Disqus will be able to recognize him again and understand that this is the same Ivan from last time. OAuth also allows you to grant rights to perform actions that Disqus can execute on Google on behalf of Ivan. In this case, after authorization, Ivan does not need to carry out any actions at all. For example, Disqus will be able to independently extract files from Ivan's Google Drive.

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