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<< The TestManager Environment | Starting Rational TestManager >>

Implementing Tests as Test Suites

Chapter 1 - Introducing Rational TestManager
Typically, multiple test scripts and multiple computers are involved in a test. At
runtime, test script playback is coordinated by suites that you design. You run these
suites from the Local computer.
In functional testing, suites let you run test scripts in parallel on the computers that
are available or let you match configurations when using configured test cases, so that
your tests can run more quickly. In performance testing, suites allow you to add
workload to the server.
Once you have used TestManager to create suites that describe a baseline of behavior
for the server, you can run these suites repeatedly against successive builds of your
product, and then analyze the results using the TestManager reporting tools.
For information about suites, see
Implementing Tests as Suites
on page 95.
Local computer
WinNT4.0 or Win 2000
virtual testers adding workload
Win 98
Agent computers
virtual testers
Win 2000
Win 2000
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