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<< Local and Agent Computers | Implementing Tests as Test Suites >>
<< Local and Agent Computers | Implementing Tests as Test Suites >>

The TestManager Environment

Local and Agent Computers
The TestManager Environment
TestManager allows you to run a suite in a distributed environment. This
environment consists of a single Local computer (on which you coordinate test
execution and play back test scripts) and zero or more Agent computers (on which
you play back test scripts).
The server can run under a variety of operating systems and can be connected to the
Local and Agent computers over a TCP/IP network.
The following figure illustrates a typical TestManager configuration that contains:
A Local computer TestManager runs on this computer. From this computer, you
coordinate the tests that you run.
Five Agent computers the same TestManager Agent software runs on all of these
computers. Each computer uses different operating systems and has a different
Four computers are running functional tests. One virtual tester (that is, running
script) runs on each computer.
One computer is running a performance test. Many virtual testers are running
at the same time, adding workload to the server.
The server, sometimes called the system-under-test This is the server whose
response or whose functions you are testing.